Nick Ray: Perversion

As an angel you revealed,But Sadica and without emotion.You took me and chainIn that gloomy room.I was hanging up as a slavehelpless before a tasteful punishment.You approached yourself stealthy by my sideAnd you whispered you are mine …And the first caress went,Oh torture grate and formidable!that again and again before the moonIt seemed an endless moment.I only listened to your warm voice,When I Retouching Insulbated Me.Walking serene around me,While the euphoria was mitigated.You moved with the same delicacy,That the breeze moves a flower and the charms of it.Touring my torso with your tongueAnd rubbing my body with your hands.You took the whip that Inerte lay,To fustrate my back again.The pain came back more than strong,as well as I also made my pleasure.Shouting ecstatic and deliveredWhat your cruel will dictate.He dwelling pleasantly enteredIn my pain and your perversity.From my mouth the road becameMay your tongue scrubbed until my sex.And that you savoed like wine,Drumbery in excess.You took my chains and kissed me,Throwing your placid bed.With a fiery impulse you muntas,licking the blo of my chest.A dagger flourished between your fingersAnd the beast emerged as a tornado.O Musa my soul I grant you,Throw away your upset wish!

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