Nick Ray: In My Dreams

In my dreams I listen to your tender voice,Confessing those morbid desires.Realing me screaming that I,Be the master and owner of your flagella.With chains and a necklace around the neck,You slide as a slave submissive.To a cold dungeon I’ll take youwith shaking and firm spanking.Perfection is what I see,In the silhouettes of my vampires.And as I’ve done so many times,I swearly sodden you.Violence! In your lighteous templeAnd drowned moans that excite me more.As a simple animal I see me,With insane craves to bid and copulate.You can not do anything else,Before my instinct and my brutality.My sex loves you destroyed,You want to hear you moan and sob.And again! To the bottom!Eyaculus with obstinacy.Your sphincter becomes more aqueousAnd more my perverse obsession grows.Oh slave of my fantasies!You who rejoice like none.Give me more of your beautiful agonies,More of your bitch bellows!In my dreams forjas this, my greed,You make my twisted and Ruin grow.Just as your name says delight,As in the clear and tactile reality!

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